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The purpose of this website is to teach the sound doctrine of the gospel of Jesus crucified. My inspiration is by the flood of revelation to my subconscious mind from time to time.

This enlightenment has identified many flaws in the popular knowledge of the scripture. Striking examples are the current understanding of grace as unmerited favor, as well as, “And as it is appointed for man to die once, but after this the judgement” -Hebrews 9:27. Learn of the perspective of God and not man, in our books on this website.

The Journey of Life at a Glance.

True Meaning of Grace

It is deception due to famine of revelation to link ‘grace’ to ‘favor’. Certainly, they are wide apart. Favor is unmerited benevolent in itself. But grace of God is a distinct gift by virtue of the reign of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The following sample video is intended to enlighten adherents of Christianity of the new understanding of grace. Click Here to Learn More.


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These books are offered to read free online. They are sources of the knowledge that have been hidden for a time. This marked them out as different from existing books of the same genre. They are available in paper back edition and ePub version at the shown outlets in the website.

Visions of Righteousness of God

It is a visionary book that is both unique and extraordinary in equal measure, echoing the message of the Holy Bible.

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The Choice Is Yours

The Choice is Yours is a book which boasts of the knowledge of the true meaning of the Grace of God and that of Faith as taught by the Holy Spirit in the manner that is hardly known to the World.

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Return To God

Return to God is a rare resource for uncommon Bible knowledge. It is one book which clearly identifies the Gospel of Grace as different from the tradition under the Mosaic covenant…

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